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Custom Direct Mail Packages

Reach Your Customers with Personal Appeal
Custom direct mail

Ensuring that all pieces of your direct mail piece come together at the right time could be a full-time job. But Tension’s custom direct mail packages offer a seamless, turnkey approach to creating your direct mail. From the copy to the creation and design of the mailpiece, Tension is prepared to completely manage your custom, personalized direct mail appeal. And, with direct mail packages available in either 6”x9” or #10 envelopes, you have design flexibility to meet your campaign needs.

Tension’s Turnkey Direct Mail:

  • Offers an easy way to produce your direct mail piece – from idea to mailbox.
  • Provides variable printing capabilities for envelopes and direct mail inserts.
  • Helps up your offer with personalization and “freemium” gifts.
  • Variable Address Printing
  • Personalized Direct Mail Insert
  • “Freemium” Insert
  • Outside Envelopes


Envelopes, inserts and "freemiums" feature your recipients’ names.
Envelopes, inserts and "freemiums" feature your recipients’ names.


Tension pulls together all elements of your direct mail campaign.
Tension pulls together all elements of your direct mail campaign.


Conserve your resources and let us focus on the project management.
Conserve your resources and let us focus on the project management.

Direct Path for Direct Mail

Integrated marketing campaigns can include social media posts, blogs, email, PPC – but it doesn’t have to stop there! Include the most impactful direct marketing out there: direct mail. Tension helps streamline the process so that you can easily make direct mail part of your marketing mix. From start to finish, Tension’s custom and personalized direct mail options can offer you peace of mind on your next campaign.

Did Someone Say "Freemium"?

People tend to love anything that is free. Share the love with a freemium such as a personalized car sticker or notepad. If you are a nonprofit, your donors will appreciate the gift and hopefully return one back to you in the form of a large, recurring donation. All customers will enjoy being recognized on a first-name basis.

What’s in a Name?

A lot, when it comes to direct mail. Gain an instant connection with your customer by personalizing elements of your direct mailpiece. Use a recipient’s first and last name on the outer envelope to keep your offer in your customer’s hands and out of the recycle bin.

What Tension Customers are Saying

With Tension, I feel at rest knowing I can count on getting the product I need for my business. There is a great sense of relief realizing our envelopes are designed specifically for my folder inserter machine and I won’t get calls in the middle of the night because an envelope wasn’t cut or folded correctly and is causing jams.

Jeff Schultz , Business Services Supervisor PepsiCo

Tension has great customer service and always helps me when I’m in a bind. Sometimes I need to work with them after hours, and they are there to help. Tension has turned around products within 24 hours.

Ryann Powell , Procurement Specialist KUBRA