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Protec envelopes
Tension Corporation Introduces Protec™ Envelopes August 29, 2017
Tension announces a new product called Protec envelopes.
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Consumers for Paper Options Resource Guide
Consumers for Paper Options, organized by the American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) and the Envelope Manufacturers Association (EMA), brings together industry, nonprofits and consumers to address advocates of Internet-only resources vs. paper-based options.
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Informed Delivery® for Business Mailers: How to Create an Interactive Campaign By Jim Zimay October 10, 2017

In April 2017, the USPS® launched Informed Delivery and gave consumers the option to digitally preview their mail. It has been largely successful with an estimated 5 million household users and a 70% email open rate.

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Tension's USPS 2017 Promotions & Incentives White Paper
USPS 2017 Promos & Incentives White Paper Resource Guide
The USPS 2017 Promotions & Incentives have been designed to create excitement about the mail, keep mail relevant and help reward innovative mailers.
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