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Rip-Ope Tear Strip Envelopes

Rip Into Your Mail
Rip-Ope Tear Strip Envelopes Rip-Ope Tear Strip EnvelopesRip-Ope Tear Strip Envelopes

When it comes to involvement, Rip-Ope is a powerful performer. Available for placement on the front, back or side of your envelope, the Rip-Ope tear strip invites action and involves the recipient with the underlying offer or communication.

Get recipients to rip into your mailing:

  • A Rip-Ope makes opening the envelope is easy, particularly when placed on the flap.
  • Featured on the RECOCHET envelope to faciliate its use as a return envelope to remit payment
  • Increases the interest and intrigue in your outer envelope
  • Engages Recipients
  • Perforated Tabs for Easy Opening
  • Ideal for Direct Mail
  • Creates Excitement

Easy to Use

This simple strip gets your envelope opened fast and easily
This simple strip gets your envelope opened fast and easily

Stays Strong

Perforated opening system retains strength and provides security
Perforated opening system retains strength and provides security

Varied Applications

Adaptable to most envelope sizes and styles, direct or statement mail
Adaptable to most envelope sizes and styles, direct or statement mail

Elicit a Better Response with Rip-Ope

There’s nothing tricky about Rip-Ope; but when it comes to getting customers to “open up,” Rip-Ope is pure magic.

Put new life and zip in your mailings with this intriguing opening device that invites consumers to “rip” into your mailing. It’s fun, simple and a convenient way to get your customer inside your direct mail piece to read your message or offer. Higher readership means better response, and increased profits for you.

Originally designed to provide easier opening for Tension’s Touch-‘N-Seal® statement envelopes, the Rip-Ope was a natural for use on other types of mailing and direct marketing envelopes. The zipper-like Rip-Ope feature has been successfully adapted to all sizes and styles of envelopes used by direct marketers, retail stores and commercial businesses.

Often on the side or back of an envelope, the Rip-Ope tear strip is a cinch to open. The tactile response helps involve your reader, getting them hooked. By adding copy on the backside, such as a deadline date, you can add a sense of urgency to your mailing and make sure your customers and prospects get your message.

Extensively Tested Rip-Ope Perforations Keep Documents Safe and Secure

Rip-Ope is not limited to novelty, though. Rip-Ope perforations are a series of curved slits, evolved from extensive testing of opening systems. Rip-Ope retains strength and security, protecting your message and eliminating the possibility of tearing, slicing or damaging the contents. Pulling a tab produces a smooth, even tear along the flap, just above the seal area, providing quick access while keeping the documents safe and secure.

Contact a Tension Sales Associate today to learn how fundraisers, charitable organizations, insurance companies, banks and many others are using the Rip-Ope to their advantage on their mailing envelopes.

What Tension Customers are Saying

I was having problems finding a dependable supplier for blank 8.5x11 forms with a single perforation. When my sales rep at Tension learned about this issue he developed a solution, getting the paper I needed and stocking it at the warehouse. Now instead of waiting a week to get stock in, I can have the forms I need delivered the next day from Tension.

Mike Melton , Production Manager Medassets

My Tension rep is an enormous resource for our company. He’s opened my eyes to so many things in addition to the savings we gain. Tension is always working to help us grow our business, by making connections for us within the industry, working with us on new designs and pushing the limits of printing technology.

Valerie Jones , Director of Production Kersten Direct